Climate change is showing us extreme power of nature today, influencing directly millions of people in their lives. Our role is to understand to real needs and answer with innovative engineering solutions.


Our engineering team is developing innovative solutions for real world.


Services for high quantities water extraction by innovative centrifugal sludge pump developed by VORTEX SYSTEMS

During the flooding or some  industrial accidents, there is need in a few days highly intensive actions to dehydratation of houses, industrial areas, underground spaces (subways, transport space, logistic centers). 


Innovative pump on floating platforma which is ideal for firemen and rescuers due to efficiency and concept.

We are manufacturer of VORTEX Pump Basic which is suitable for pumping of liquids with high content of impurities up to 1500 l/min. The design allows easy maintenance, manipulation and operation during action.

Innovative pump set on floating platforma with hydraulic engine to do intensive water 

 Floating pump station VORTEX ADVANCED is primarily for high intensity water extraction work from underground spaces during wheather disasters starting from 6 500 l/min. The important feature is capability to keep water pressure on long transport distance.

Innovative actuator for tensegrity structures

Actuator is balancing in real time  stability of tensegrity structure. The robot for space exploration is using that process too. Our actuator benefits from use mechanical servo-drive in weight and realiability.

how we work

You know how important is to have things under the control.

With software simulation and mathematical tools we control design and R&D process on our desk in 3D.

3D modelling

3D modelling in open source or lincenced SW with visualisation tools

3D prototyping

use of 3D printers, laser cutting and CNC

FEM analysis

verification and improvement  of design of prototypes or client oriented diagnostics and analysis


we do R&D with our partners 

Product development

we keep timing 

Problem solution

we discuss needs with customer 

innovative solutions for Your real needs